Sr. Euphrasia's Message (Former provincial)

In many ways guides the efforts of the St. Joseph of Tarbes Education society. As a representative of the management we are deeply committed to provide every support that enables ‘value based education and learning at our institute.

The SJT vision clearly upholds the facilitation of education with a love for learning, creative thinking, ability to make responsible Decisions and having a special concern for the poor and the marginalized. This drives us in our administration and key decisions that impact the realization of important objective and benchmarks in providing a value based education.

I have seen this institution grow from its very inception - the ability, dynamism and the driving force of an inspirational leaders and principal. She along with a band of committed, resourceful, zealous staff that are willing to walk an extra mile to bring out the capabilities that lie dormant in the students, to mould and form them into responsible good human beings and effective leaders in society.

I am confident that this temple of learning will continue to guide, impart quality and value based education, where students are awaken to the divine in them, from there they will draw the needed strength and courage to face all the challenges they may meet in their life. Back